Scuba Diving in Salt River Canyon with Daniel Edward Fitzgibbons

There is nothing more peaceful than being underwater with the fishes, enjoying the peace and quiet of the ocean floor. Daniel Edward Fitzgibbons often references some of his favorite scuba diving sites and one amongst these is that of the Salt River Canyon on St. Croix in the United States Virgin Islands. You may recognize this spot as a location where Christopher Columbus dropped anchor, but it is also home to humpback whales, pods of bottlenose dolphins, as well as blacktip reef sharks. Among all of these, Daniel Edward Fitzgibbons references one of his favorite residences of this site as being the green turtles.


A Profile of Dan Fitzgibbons, Minnesota Business Leader

Dan Fitzgibbons

He has a very strong business career that now covers more than two decades in the technology business, so it is obvious that Dan Fitzgibbons is a business leader in the city of Minneapolis. His current position is Data Protection Business Manager for that city’s office of EMC Corporation, and he has proven himself time and time again. However, as proud as Dan Fitzgibbons is as a businessman, his family and his community and family rank higher in importance. Despite the fact that he grew up in Fargo, North Dakota as the youngest of five siblings, for Dan Fitzgibbons, Minnesota is now home.

The importance of family and community started early on for Dan Fitzgibbons. Even when he was a young boy growing up in Fargo and attending Holy Spirit School and Shanley High, he was active in drama and the Sandpebbles singing group in part because he wanted to be part of something. He even played and played sports in high school. He continued his education with a Bachelor of Science in Marketing and Business Administration from Moorhead State University just across the border in Minnesota. That is why, these days, Dan Fitzgibbons is considered a community leader, not just a businessman.

Technology Guru Daniel Edwards Fitzgibbons

It is certainly the case that Daniel Edwards Fitzgibbons firmly believes that family and community are always major priorities in his life. He has always felt that way, even when he grew up as the youngest of five children in Fargo, North Dakota. There, he attended Holy Spirit Grade School through the eighth grade, followed by Shanley High, where he was active with the Sandpebbles singing group and a key club while he played football and golf, as well as intramural hockey.

After starting his education at North Dakota State, Daniel Edwards Fitzgibbons decided to transfer just over the state line to Moorhead State University in Minnesota, where he earned a Bachelor of Science in Marketing and Business Administration, which is why Dan is good at his job. There are other reasons, of course, like the tons of expertise in the business of computer storage systems he has compiled over the years. There is a reason why tech giant EMC Corp chose him to be their Data Protection Business Manager in the Minneapolis office. EMC employs more than 70,000 globally, which means they can afford to be choosy and they chose him. It’s because of his more than 25 years of technology and sales experience. Daniel Edwards Fitzgibbons is simply one of the best at his job.

Minneapolis Nonprofits and Dan Fitzgibbons

Dan Fitzgibbons has always had a passion for giving back to the community. He currently assists the Minneapolis area “Loaves and Fishes” organization, a nonprofit meal program that in just 2015 alone served more than 460,000 meals to those in need. He has also diligently volunteered regularly for the “Allan Law’s 363 Days Food Program,” as developed through Minneapolis Recreation Development. This incredibly helpful program distributed more than 600,000 sandwiches to the hungry and homeless in 2011 with the help of over 500 community groups and over 10,000 volunteers. Being a part of nonprofits with this kind of scale allows Dan Fitzgibbons to use his time to both support his family and help those around him.